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1. What is Demandium?

Demandium is a complete on demand business solution that comes with an admin panel, provider panel, provider app, Flutter web app, customer app, and a business website.

Read the detailed documentation for Demandium here. 

These payment methods are available to integrate in Demandium: Senang Pay, Stripe, Flutterwave, Paytm, PayStack, RazorPay, and SSLCommerz. But you can always integrate other payment methods anytime! 

All the upcoming Demandium updates are free forever once you purchase the script!

1. Are there any demo user login credentials available?

There are login credentials available for the admin and provider panel in CodeCanyon. For user login credentials such as customer or serviceman, you need to create a demo account from the admin panel, user website, or app for a better experience.

The admin can create services and providers can subscribe to them. If there’s no service available for the providers, they can request a new service from the admin whenever necessary. 

As an admin, you can always change or edit a booking detailed after it’s placed. If you want, you can also give permission to the providers and servicemen to change the booking details if necessary.

1. How to reach the Demandium support team?

Please create a support ticket to connect with our support specialists. 

Our support ticket is always free! 

As per CodeCanyon’s support policy, you’ll get 6 months of technical support from us.

1. Which license should I buy: Regular license or extended license?

Know about the differences between regular license and extended license and then decide which one is best for your business.

It’s not possible to use one license for multiple clients. If you want to serve multiple clients, you must purchase multiple licenses from CodeCanyon. 

When you migrate your system into a new domain, it will be redirected automatically.

No. You need to purchase multiple licenses to use it in multiple domains. 

1. I want to customize the Demandium solution. Can you help?

We’re always here to help! Visit the Demandium customization page to learn more.

Please reach our support team to change your installation plan. 

Please visit the Demandium installation page and choose your installation plan to get started. 

The Demandium customization costs vary depending on the project’s request, duration, and urgency. You can discuss your customization requirements with us to know more.