On Demand Service Business Solution with Full Source Code

Give your customers the best on demand service with the latest Demandium solution and make your business stand out from the competition.

A Total Package for Your On Demand Business

Admin Panel

Set up business zones, add services, manage promotions and customers centrally.

Provider Panel

Providers can subscribe to admin services, manage servicemen, and contact users.

User App

Users can find services, place bookings, and request customized services from app.

Flutter Web App

Users can search services & place a booking by logging in or as a guest from web.

Business Website

Admin can showcase business benefits and invite providers & servicemen to join.

Provider App

Providers can have their dedicated mobile app to run their business from anywhere.

Serviceman App

Servicemen can ensure smoother service delivery & manage bookings with the app.

With Demandium, you’ll get all the essential deliverables that you need to run your business in the competitive market.

Key Features of Demandium

Learn the features that set Demandium apart from any on demand business solution in the market.

Dynamic Dashboard

Get a total business overview from dashboard with real-time data. 

Create Multiple Zones

For providing different services to zone-wise different customers. 

Category-wise Service

Add services according to different categories & subcategories.

Smart Bidding System

Providers can bid for customized booking request & place offer. 

Discounts & Coupons

Offer promotional discounts & coupons to increase service bookings. 

Campaigns & Banners

Create user-wise or service-wise promotional campaigns & banners. 

Send Push Notifications

Create and send push notifications to various users on occasion. 

Booking Management

Providers can manage bookings and assign the right servicemen.

Customized Requests

Customers can request customized services and providers can bid.

Powerful Reports

Get business, transaction, booking, and other statistical reports. 

Admin Commissions

Admin can set a default commission rate on booking transactions. 

Multi-Withdrawal Method

Providers can request cash withdrawals via mobile, bank or card. 

Multi-Language [with RTL]

Get multi-language with RTL feature for a native user experience.

Cash After Service

Customers can choose cash after service option when booking. 

Provider Self-Registration

Users can register as providers by themselves via provider app. 

Employee Management

Admin can manage their employees and set various employee roles. 

Wallet & Loyalty Points

Customers can convert loyalty points into wallet money and pay. 

Referral Earnings

Customers can refer and earn points and then convert them into money. 

Keyword Analytics

Admin can see trending keywords and zone-wise search volume. 

User Search Analytics

Admin can view top customers and services according to search volume. 

Live Chat & Support

Provide live chat and support to all users who need assistance.

Strong Search Filters

Customers can get search suggestions and related search results. 

Social Login Options

Customers can log in to their user account via Google or Facebook. 

Service SEO

Admin can add related keywords and tags while creating a service.

    One Platform.
    On Demand Industries

    Unleash your on demand business across diverse industries with Demandium!

    Home Services

    Beauty and Wellness

    Event Services

    Automotive Services

    Childcare and Babysitting

    How Does Demandium Work?

    Let’s explore how the Demandium system works and how you can do business with it.

    1. Setup Your Business

    Buy Demandium source code from CodeCanyon & install it on your server. Then set up your business rules, payment & SMS gateways to get started.

    Rules Setup

    General Rules

    User-wise Rules

    Booking Rules

    2. Create Service Zone

    Add multiple zones to your business and provide services in different areas of your locality or country according to service demand.

    Zone-wise Category

    Change Zone Status

    3. Add & Manage Services

    Admin can create service categories & subcategories. Then, add services under those categories with service information, FAQs & price variations, etc.

    See Customer Feedbacks

    Review Custom Service Requests

    Change Service Status

    4. Manage All The Users

    Add providers, employees and manage customers separately from the admin panel to ensure a business chain among all users and ensure smooth service delivery.

    Provider Management

    Employee Management

    Customer Management

    5. Launch Various Promotions

    Boost your sales by launching various promotions user-wise & service or category-wise. You can also send push notifications to notify your users about the offer.

    Fund Bonus

    6. Manage Booking System

    Demandium system has a complete booking ecosystem that helps you easily maintain your bookings.

    Customer books a service

    Provider accepts the booking & assigns serviceman

    Serviceman provides the service

    Customer requests a customized service

    Provider B

    Provider A

    Provider D

    Provider E

    Multiple providers bid with quotation & customer choose one

    Provider C

    Serviceman provides the service

    7. Sustain Customer Relationship

    Retain your customers for a lifetime with Demandium and gain a loyal customer base.

    Wallet & Loyalty Points

    Referral Point

    Reward Points

    Loyalty Points

    Convert Points to Wallet Money

    Add Fund Bonus

    Flexible Payment Options

    Digital Payment

    Cash After Service

    Wallet Payment

    Partial Payment

    Real-time Communication

    Live Location

    Live Call & Chat

    Email Templates

    Push Notifications

    Help & Support

    Service-related Benefits

    Ratings & Review

    Custom Booking

    New Service Request

    Promotions & Discounts

  • 8. Transaction & Report Management

    View transactions with debit & credit balance details and various business reports, such as transaction reports, business reports, booking and provider reports, etc.

    Booking & Transaction Reports

    Provider & Business Reports

    Smart Search Analytics

    See popular searches for a specific keyword or service and see the search volume with customer analytics from the analytics section of the Demandium admin panel.

    Ensuring Cross-Platform Performance Through Modern Technology

    We ensure a dynamic user experience by implementing all the modern technologies into all our cross-platform solutions.








    Famous & Trendy Third-Party Integration for User’s Flexibility

    We ensure a dynamic user experience by implementing all the modern technologies into all our cross-platform solutions.

    Payment Gateways

    SMS Gateways

    How Can You Make A Profit from Demandium?

    As an admin, you can profit most from your on demand service business by setting commission rates as much as you like!

    Default Commission Rate

    Set up a default commission rate from the admin panel. So that admin can get paid for each transaction.

    Additional Charge on Booking

    Charge an additional fee to customers during checkout, such as a platform fee, service charge, etc.

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    Words of Praise from
    Client’s Testimonials

    Let’s hear directly from our beloved client’s about their experience with Demandium.

    “Using Demandium has been an awesome experience for me. The entire solution helped me to grow my business. I can control multiple providers and provider bookings all from the admin panel.”


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    “The concept of Demandium is great. The UI is amazing! It meets my needs perfectly, thanks to the entire team! Because of you, I’ve been able to install the entire script easily and started my business right away!”


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    “Demandium has been a game-changer for my business. It's boosted my service visibility in SERP and the client base significantly because of its service SEO. Managing bookings and servicemen and communicating with customers is very efficient."



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