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On Demand Service App Must Have Features

The on demand service are available in a digital platform that revolutionizes the way we access services these days.  It offers us instant access to a wide range of services, from transportation and food delivery to home services like cleaning and repairs. All at the tap on our smartphones. 

Did you know that 49% of the total on demand app users are millennials? Yes, that’s us! So if you want to develop a full-stack on demand service app, learning it’s features and functionalities are a must. 

In today’s blog, I’m going to explain the user-wise features of on demand service app and how much it costs to develop from scratch. So keep reading! 

Table of Contents: 
✅ What is An On Demand Service App? 
✅ Users of an On Demand Service App
✅ On Demand Home Services App Features

What is An On Demand Service App? 

An on demand service app is a digital platform that connects users with service providers to request and receive various services, such as transportation, food delivery, or home cleaning, in real time. 

Some profitable on demand service businesses are: 

  • Cleaning and repairing service
  • Renovation and remodeling
  • Electronics and automotive fixing 
  • Moving and storage service
  • Beauty and fitness services, etc. 

Users of an On Demand Service App

Before moving on to the next part, we first have to know who is connected with an on demand service business. These are- admin, service provider, customer, and serviceman/deliveryman. In terms of on demand service app users, everybody may have their own on demand mobile app apart from the admin. Because it’s easier to solve, monitor, and manage the entire business from the web-based panel. It’s also widely known as the admin panel. 

This means, the users of an on demand service app are-

✅ Service Provider 

✅ Customers 

✅ Serviceman

In the next section, we’ll learn these user-wise features of an on demand service app. So, let’s start.

On Demand Services App: Must-Have Features

As different users have different functionalities and goals with their apps, thus their features are different from each other. Let’s explore the features of on demand home service apps from the following table: 

Customer AppProvider AppServiceman App 
Social login & sign up Provider login & sign up Serviceman login & sign up
Promotional bannersService management Availability management 
Smart search Change booking statusService assignment 
Choose service provider  Promotions Navigation & directions 
Customize service requestLight/dark mode  Service status update
Live chatNotification Live chat
Light/dark mode  Real-time navigation Light/dark mode
Multiple payment options Earnings & payments Multi-language 
Wallet & loyalty points Rating & feedback Notification 
Notification Schedule management Rating and feedback 
Real-time tracking Performance analytics 
Rating & reviews 
Booking history
Customer support 
Social sharing 

Table: User-wise features of on-demand service app

Here, I’m going to break down the user-wise features in detail for you-

Customer App Features for an On Demand Service

1. Social Login & Sign Up 

The customer app must allow users/customers to create accounts or sign in using social media accounts for personalized experiences. 

2. Promotional Banners

Customers should be able to come in contact with promotional offers through various banners within the on demand service customer app. 

3. Smart Search 

Enable customers to browse through a variety of services offered on your on demand platform that are categorized based on their needs. 

4. Choose a Service Provider  

Customers can choose their preferred service provider based on the chosen service through the app. 

5. Customize Service Request

Provide custom service request features to your customers via the on demand service app for customers. 

6. Multiple Payment Options 

Allow customers to pay for a service with multiple payment options, such as cash after service, wallet payment, online and offline payment, etc. 

6. Wallet & Loyalty Points 

All customers should have their wallets where they can earn and keep track of loyalty points. And later, redeem the loyalty points for service. 

7. Real-time Tracking

Enable a real-time tracking option for customers so they can view where their service provider is through the app. 

6. Booking History

Customers should be able to see their previous bookings from the booking history section of the on demand service app. 

7. Customer Support 

Allow customers to reach out for support from the on demand customer app to gain trust and credibility. 

8. Social Sharing 

Enable a social sharing option for customers to share their favorite service with their family and friends on different social media channels. 

Provider App Features for an On Demand Service App

1. Provider Login & Sign Up 

Allow service providers to create accounts/self-register or sign in securely to access the on demand service provider app. 

2. Service Management 

Enable providers to add or edit a service that they want to provide to the customers via the app. 

3. Change Booking Status

Make sure providers can change booking status after a booking has been placed from the on demand service provider app. 

4. Promotions 

Providers should be able to launch promotions and discount offers to their customers using the app. 

5. Real-time Navigation

Integrate GPS navigation functionality to help providers navigate to the customer’s location efficiently.

6. Earnings and Payments 

Provide a dashboard for providers to track their earnings, view payment history, and manage payout preferences.

7. Schedule Management 

Offer tools for providers to manage their schedules, including setting working hours, breaks, and vacations.

8. Performance Analytics

Provide insights into key performance metrics such as service completion rate, customer satisfaction, and earnings to help providers track their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Serviceman App Features for an On Demand Service App 

1. Serviceman Login & Sign up

Allow servicemen to create accounts/ self-register or sign in securely to access the on demand serviceman app’s functionalities.

2. Availability Management

Enable servicemen to set tier availability status, that indicates when they are ready to accept a service request through the app. 

3. Service Assignment 

Provide servicemen with the ability to view and accept service requests assigned to them based on their skills and availability. 

4. Navigation and Directions

The GPS functionality with the on demand serviceman app should allow servicemen to navigate customers’ locations and ensure on-time service delivery. 

5. Service Status Update

Enable servicemen to update the status of service tasks in real-time, including marking them as completed or in progress.

Some common features that all on demand service apps must have: 

1. Live chat

Live chat functionality allows users to communicate with service providers or customer support representatives in real time. It enables quick resolution of queries, enhances user experience, and improves communication between users and providers.

2. Light/dark Mode

Light/dark mode allows users to switch between light and dark color schemes in the app interface according to their preference or the ambient lighting conditions. This feature enhances user experience by providing flexibility and reducing eye strain, especially in low-light environments.

3. Multi-language Support 

Multi-language support enables users to access the app in their preferred language, increasing accessibility and usability for a diverse user base. 

4. Notification 

Notifications inform users about important updates, such as service requests, status changes, promotions, or messages from service providers. They keep users engaged, informed, and up-to-date with relevant information.

5. Rating and feedback 

Rating and feedback features allow users to rate their service experiences and provide feedback on the quality of service received. This functionality helps maintain service quality standards, builds trust among users, and provides valuable insights for service providers to improve their services.

On Demand App Development Cost 

The costs of an on demand app development range between $47,000 to $140,000 based on a timeline of 38 to 76 weeks and different development stages. The cost can also be affected by the number of experts working on different parts of the project. 


As the on demand industry is on the rise, you can scale easily if you start early. To launch your on demand home service business, you can either build apps from scratch or get a ready-made solution like Demandium. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of features simplify the booking process and home service management. So you can bring convenience and efficiency to everyone’s doorstep.


What features should I include in my On-Demand Services App?

Essential features for an On-Demand Services App include user registration, service browsing, scheduling, real-time tracking, secure payments, ratings and reviews, and customer support.

How can On Demand Services Apps benefit my business?

On demand services apps can improve operational efficiency, expand your customer base, increase revenue streams, enhance customer satisfaction, and provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

What technology stack is required to build an On Demand Services App?

The technology stack for an on demand services app typically includes frontend technologies like React Native or Flutter for mobile development, backend technologies like Node.js or Python, and cloud infrastructure for scalability.

How can I monetize my On Demand Services App?

Monetization strategies for on demand service apps include charging service fees or commissions, offering premium subscriptions or memberships, displaying advertisements, and selling user data or insights to third parties (with user consent).