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Best On Demand Service Business Startup Ideas in 2024

Starting a business is fun and exciting at first. And if it’s something you love doing and it’s already in trend, bingo! Within a year, you will make a difference in the market. In the on demand industry, you can make a business out of almost anything. So why not start one of your own? 

In today’s blog, I’m going to share with you the most trendy and unique on demand service business startup ideas that you should try this 2024.

What You’ll Learn From this Blog: 
Trends in the On Demand Service Industry
12 Best On Demand Service Business Startup Ideas
Why Should You Launch Your On Demand Service Business Today
Best On Demand Service Business Software for Startups

So let’s get straight to the blog! 

The on-demand service industry is rapidly evolving, driven by changing consumer habits and technological advancements. Trends include the rise of gig economy jobs, expansion of hyperlocal services, and integration of technology for better customer experiences. These shifts reshape how services are accessed and delivered in today’s fast-paced world.

Source states, “The global on demand service market is valued at USD 6396.81 million by 2029. The industry took a new shift during the first Covid-19 outbreak”

After the initial chaos, on demand services industry has changed. They made strict health rules and contactless deliveries. The pandemic sped up remote work, online payments, and shopping, changing how people act. This pushed the on demand services industry to grow more.

Pie Chart: Current market share in % for trendy on demand businesses

Here are some interesting trends that you should look up to while launching your own on demand startup 👇

  • More eco-friendly options popping up, like electric bikes for deliveries and sustainable packaging.
  • Virtual experiences are becoming a hit, from online cooking classes to live-streamed workouts.
  • Rise of “cloud kitchens” for food delivery only, without dine-in options.
  • On demand healthcare services are expanding, with telemedicine appointments and medication delivery.
  • Subscription-based business models offer unlimited access to services like food delivery, streaming platforms, or car rentals.
  • Personalized recommendations based on user preferences, making the experience more tailored.
  • Local businesses are partnering up for combined on-demand services, like grocery delivery from neighborhood stores.
  • Integration of AI and chatbots for faster customer support and smoother user experience.
  • Expansion of on demand transportation options, including electric scooters and self-driving cars in some cities.

Graph: The future of On Demand business

12 Best On Demand Service Business Startup Ideas

From pampering pets to cultivating gardens, get ready to explore a world of endless possibilities as an on-demand service business startup. Let’s discover the best on-demand service startup ideas that could be your ticket to entrepreneurial success!

1. Rent-A-Plant Business

Rent-A-Plant is a unique business concept where you offer plants for short-term rentals. So people can bring nature into their homes and offices without the commitment of ownership. This is great for on demand events such as marriage ceremonies, baby showers, or birthdays.

Tropical Plant Rentals is one of the famous rent-a-plant businesses based in Australia. They offer indoor/office plant hire, event plant hire, and rental services.

2. Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile Pet Grooming brings professional grooming services directly to pet owners’ doorsteps. It’s a very unusual business idea, but it’s becoming popular day by day. With this service, you can provide convenience and comfort for both pets and their owners.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Hollywood Mobile Grooming is an example of a mobile pet grooming business that works in California. They offer luxury pet spas and mobile grooming services such as clipping, bathing, hair trimming, etc.

3. Dry-Cleaning Pickup Delivery 

Dry-Cleaning Pickup Delivery simplifies the dry-cleaning process by offering pickup and delivery services directly to customers’ homes or workplaces. You can launch the dry-cleaning pickup and delivery startup in your community or locality and become a hero for all. 

Dry-Cleaning Pickup Delivery

eLaundry is an on demand dry cleaning and laundry pickup delivery service based in Bangladesh. They offer services like washing and ironing, dry cleaning, home pickup and delivery, etc.

4. Personalized Chef

The personalized or private chef is a very popular on demand business niche now. You can offer customized meal plans to individual tastes and preferences. This is best for health enthusiasts and diet concerns who don’t have time to prepare healthy meals.

Examples include takachef. They offer a wide range of private chefs for hire in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

5. Gadget Repair Service

An On-Demand Gadget Repair Service offers fast and convenient repairs for electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, delivered directly to customers’ locations. 

Gadget Repair Service

The Gadget Clinic provides on demand gadget repair service based in Worcestershire, UK. They offer smartphone, tablet, and laptop repair services in two models- express repairs and walk-in screen repairs. 

6. Breakfast Deliveries 

Offer on demand breakfast delivery services directly to customers’ doors. 

This offers fast and convenient delivery of breakfast items. You can ensure an enjoyable breakfast experience for customers, making mornings brighter and easier for busy individuals and families while making money.

Breakfast Deliveries

Gold Belly is a New York-based company that offers on demand breakfast & brunch delivery services. Customers can pre-order, filter foods and restaurants, and get it delivered on time. Currently, they’re serving in more than 200 locations. 

7. EV Charging Service

On-demand EV Charging Service offers convenient access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations wherever customers are. So they can charge their vehicles quickly and easily. You can launch your on demand EV charging stations via a mobile app. 

EV Charging Service

India’s famous EV charging station Kazam is based in Bengaluru but serves more than 20 locations. They offer on demand EV charging stations, charging and fleet management solutions, etc. They’re on a mission to create a zero-pollution mobility ecosystem all over India. 

8. Private Tour Guide

A private tour guide is like having your own personal travel expert who shows you around new places. If you launch an on demand tour guide business, you can take tourists to all the best spots and share interesting stories and facts about the area. You can help people explore at their own pace by customizing their tour plan including meal location selection, day-long spot coverages, arrange transportation and stay-in hotels or motels, etc. 

Private Tour Guide

Withlocals is an on demand tour solution platform that connects travelers and tour guides in a single place. It’s based in the Netherlands and operates its service to 70+ countries. 

9. Tailoring Services

Bring custom tailoring services to your locality and allow local customers to get personalized clothes on demand. Let your customers select fabric and style and provide you with custom measurements so you can tailor unique outfits that meet their needs. 

Tailoring Services

Roma Tailoring is a custom tailoring service provider based in Rome, Italy. They offer custom fitting, alterations, garment repairs, and other similar services.

10. Flower Delivery

With the on demand flower delivery services, you can deliver fresh flowers to anyone, anytime. The business is simple, customers choose flowers online and place an order, and you deliver them right to the recipient’s doorstep. It’s a very popular business that can brighten someone’s day and help celebrate a special occasion without leaving the home or office. 

Flower Delivery

One of the most popular on demand flower delivery services is ProFlowers. They offer occasion-wise flower selection online, where customers can choose their preferred delivery location and delivery date. 

11. Content Creator 

On demand content creator services connect businesses with talented writers, designers, and creators who can produce engaging content for their websites, social media, and marketing campaigns. You can offer your skills in writing articles, creating graphics, or producing videos on a freelance basis, helping businesses enhance their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. It’s a flexible and rewarding way to turn your creative passion into a profitable business venture.

Connily is an on demand content creation agency based in Downtown, Dubai. They offer social media management, digital marketing, and Amazon management services. 

12. Writing Services 

On demand writing services provide businesses with high-quality written content for their websites, blogs, and marketing materials. As a freelance writer, you can offer your skills in writing articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more to clients on a project-by-project basis. It’s a flexible and rewarding way to use your writing talents to help businesses succeed online while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere on your own schedule.

Verblio is a content writing agency that provides both AI+humand and human-only content writing services for agencies and enterprises. It is based in Manhattan, United States. It is a platform that connects freelance writers and writing service seekers under one roof. 

Why Should You Launch Your On Demand Service Business Today

Launching your on demand service business online can be a game changer for you if you start today. As the world around us is gradually shifting towards online services, you can join in and make an impact in people live’s by offering easy access to daily-life services. 

Here are some advantages of on demand service business that should consider: 

  • Growing Market: The demand for on demand services is rising due to consumer preference for convenience. If you start early, you’ll become people’s favorite.
  • Technology Advancements: Technology makes it easier to develop and launch on demand platforms. There are plenty of ready-built on demand solutions available that you can choose from to launch your business right away. 
  • Low Barrier to Entry: Minimal upfront investment compared to traditional businesses makes it accessible for anyone to launch an online startup. 
  • Scalability: On demand businesses are rapidly expanding with the increasing demand. There’s no turning back once you start. 
  • Differentiation: You have the opportunity to stand out by offering unique services or experiences to your customers. Launching a unique online on demand service startup can do wonders.
  • Job Creation: With your on demand business, you can contribute to job creation and economic growth both locally and nationally.
  • Problem Solving: You can solve real-world problems and pain points faced by customers.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Be your own boss, pursue your passion, and build a successful on demand venture.

Best On Demand Service Business Software for Startups

Demandium is a complete multi vendor on demand solution that comes with an Admin panel, provider panel, serviceman app, customer app, and a website. What’s best about Demandium is that you can on-board your local on demand service providers to join your business and offer service varieties to your customers.

Demandium deliverables

No matter your business goal or size, with Demandium, you can achieve everything. Customers can easily navigate through the website or user app and find the service they’re looking for. What’s more, they can customize a service and choose their favorite service provider within the app. 

Amazing features of Demandium- On Demand Solution ⬇️

➡️ Guest checkout

➡️ Bidding system

➡️ Multiple payment options

➡️ Schedule booking

➡️ Customize booking

➡️ Zone-wise business

… And so on… 

Guess what? You’re getting all of these for only $59! 

Go check out the FREE demo and see how it fits your business. 


Now that we’ve reached the bottom of the blog, you probably have the best on demand service business startup ideas and know where to start. You can now make your on demand service business startup the best decision of your life with this information. 

See you in the next blog! 


What is an on demand service business?

An on demand service business provides immediate access to goods or services through a digital platform, typically in response to customer requests made via a mobile app or website.

What are some popular on demand service business ideas?

Popular on demand service business ideas include ride-sharing, food delivery, grocery delivery, pet care services, house cleaning, tutoring, and fitness coaching, among others.

How do I validate my on-demand service business idea?

Validate your on demand service business idea by conducting market research, identifying your target audience, analyzing competitors, and gathering feedback from potential customers through surveys.

What are the key components of an on demand service business model?

Key components of an on-demand service business model include a user-friendly platform (website & app), a network of service providers, seamless payment processing, effective marketing strategies, and excellent customer support, etc.